Pianist Fascinates and Charms Audience with Chopin and others

The first concert in a series of four concerts presented by Niigata Nippo newspaper featuring pianist Raffi Besalyan was held on the evening of November 22nd in Joetsu city’s Joetsu Concert Hall. The large audience was captivated by Armenian pianist’s performances of masterworks by Chopin and other composers.

Besalyan who has won numerous international competitions, showcased Chopin’s Etudes, Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” and Gershwin’s own piano solo version of Rhapsody in Blue among others, enchanting the classical music fans with his delicate touch and powerful and authoritative playing.

Pianist Raffi Besalyan can next be heard at Nagaoka Lyric Concert Hall on Nov.24, Shibata Shimin Concert Hall on Nov.25 and Niigata Shimin Geijutsu Concert Hall on Nov.28.